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Gym Equipments

24/7 Gym Inc.

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Our Method

At the 24/7 Gym, you can train any hour of the day, any day of the week! 

If you like to train during non standard hours or if you like to work out on statutory holidays or snow storms, we are the gym for you. 

Our weight equipment and access is what makes us the best Fitness Center in the Sussex area.

At 24/7 Gym Inc. we let you pick the time of day you want to train!

Weight Lifting

Join our gym and enjoy a full range of weight lifting equipment. 


Equipment includes (primarily Atlantis manufacturing)

  • Smith Machines

  • Power Rack

  • Dumbbells' from 5lbs to 105lbs

  •  Incline, Decline and flat benches 

  • 2 Cable Cross over trainers

  • Pec-Dec

  • Lat-Pulldown

  • Leg extension / curl combo

  • Leg press

  • Adductor and abductor

  • Deadlift platform

  • and more



Wake up early or come late at night, the choice is yours when you want to get your heart pumping.

Our Gym has several treadmills, bikes, stair master, rowing machine, and two Elliptical Cross trainers. Sign up now!


Contact Us

Call or Text  (506) 512-2407

$45/Month (tax included)

$80/Month for couples (tax included)

Pay for 6 months and get a 7th month FREE!

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33 Winter Street, Sussex, NB, Canada

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